Ragnarocktoberfest 2023 was a blast!

Ragnarocktoberfest 2023 was a blast!

Ragnarocktoberfest 2023 has come and gone, and what a blast this even is!

This was XFoxGames first time to a large scale event, and it was a blast! This year we were setup a vendor on the Friday before the event, and it was sweet to see a lot of you who have purchased from our store, or have been in contact with us over the years! We were also a sponsor this year, and gave out multiple $50 dollar gift cards out to our products, gave a way a brand new Tomcat, and 2 mini gryphons!

On Sunday it was so hot, around 96+ deg in San Jose CA, and on top of that I was dressed up as a pirate for the event! The day started off a bit slow as I was just learning the layout of the campus, but eventually turn into an all out nerf war, zombie war, puzzle quest and much more! 

Now I dont want to do any spoilers as of yet, but the final stand / boss was so sweet. I spent most of my time being a healer/medic, and defending the zombies from coming around the back of the last humans.

Sunday was the tourney and super stock, I played super stock with some other fellow nerfer's and youtubers, what a day!

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